Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2023


Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2023

Keeping our furry friends entertained and mentally stimulated is crucial for their overall well-being. Interactive dog toys provide an excellent opportunity to engage their minds, promote physical activity, and prevent boredom. In this article, we will explore the top interactive dog toys available in 2023. From puzzles to games, we will discuss a variety of options that will keep your canine companion entertained and challenged.

#1. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson

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Introducing the engaging and challenging Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Brick Level 2 puzzle dog game. Watch as your dog unleashes their inner hunter, spending hours exploring and searching for hidden treats! This interactive toy features three convenient compartments that can be filled with your pup’s favorite snacks. The flip lid compartments unveil the first layer, while sliding reveals a hidden second compartment. Lift out the white, hollow brick-style bones to uncover the third compartment and place delicious treats inside! Designed for pups who have mastered level 1 puzzles, this game takes their skills to the next level. Crafted from durable, BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free materials, the removable plastic parts ensure long-lasting playtime. Simply hand wash with soap and water for easy cleaning. Get ready to stimulate your dog’s mind and provide endless entertainment with the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Level 2 puzzle dog game!


#2. Potaroma Cat Toys Flopping Fish

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Introducing the ultimate interactive fun for cats: the Cat Kicker Toy! With its built-in motion sensor, every touch from your feline friend activates the wiggling fish teaser, enticing your cat to play and kick. This realistic fish simulation keeps your kitty engaged and alleviates boredom and loneliness, providing exercise even when you’re away. We’ve upgraded this toy with a longer-lasting battery and improved mechanisms for extended durability. It comes with exquisite gift packaging, making it a perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year gift for pet owners or your own pets. The soft and durable plush material is perfect for chewing and wrestling, and the included silvervine catnip pouch adds extra excitement. Forget about batteries – this toy is USB-chargeable, and the detachable motor allows for easy cleaning. Simply unzip the fish belly, flip the switch, and watch your cat go wild!


#3. Cheerble Wickedbone

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Introducing the revolutionary App Control Smart Dog’s Toy: Wickedbone! This automatic bone-like pet toy effortlessly captures your dog’s attention and provides endless playtime, all without the need for manual operation. With its intelligent design, Wickedbone ensures your dog stays entertained even when you’re busy or away from home.

Enjoy two modes for different pet needs: control the bone-shaped toy through the Wickedbone app on your iOS or Android device. Use the virtual joystick to guide it or select different settings. In interactive mode, Wickedbone responds to your dog’s touch, creating a fun and engaging experience both indoors and outdoors.

Designed with both style and safety in mind, Wickedbone resembles a modern bone and is made from durable and pet-friendly polycarbonate material. It protects your pet’s teeth and paws while providing hours of entertainment.

Say goodbye to constantly replacing batteries. Wickedbone is USB rechargeable and equipped with a 470mAh lithium polymer battery. Just one hour of charging allows for over 40 minutes of playtime in App mode, over 4 hours in interactive mode, and up to 3 months in sleep mode.

Caring for Wickedbone is a breeze as it can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Plus, our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Experience the next level of interactive play with Wickedbone, the App Control Smart Dog’s Toy. Your dog deserves the best!



Interactive dog toys are an essential part of keeping our furry friends mentally stimulated and happy. Whether it’s solving puzzles, playing games, or working for treats, these toys provide an engaging experience for your dog. Remember to choose toys that are appropriate for your dog’s size, age, and chewing habits. With the best interactive dog toys in 2023, you can provide endless entertainment and stimulation for your beloved pet.


Can all dogs benefit from interactive toys? 

Absolutely! Interactive toys are suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. They promote mental stimulation, alleviate boredom, and provide a fun way to bond with your canine companion.

How often should I rotate my dog’s interactive toys? 

It’s a good idea to rotate your dog’s toys regularly to keep them interested and prevent boredom. Introducing new toys or rearranging the puzzle elements can provide a fresh and exciting experience.

Are interactive toys suitable for aggressive chewers? 

While many interactive toys are designed to be durable, it’s essential to choose toys specifically made for aggressive chewers. Look for toys labeled as “indestructible” or made from strong materials such as rubber or nylon.

Can interactive toys help with separation anxiety? 

Interactive toys can be helpful in providing mental stimulation and distraction for dogs with separation anxiety. They can help redirect their focus and provide a sense of comfort and entertainment while you’re away.

How do I clean interactive dog toys? 

Cleaning instructions may vary depending on the toy. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Most toys can be washed with mild soap and water or wiped down with pet-safe cleaning solutions.

Remember, always supervise your dog while they are playing with interactive toys to ensure their safety and enjoyment.


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